Balancing Beam


Balance is something we are all striving for in our lives. 

When COIVD-19 arrived it threw out so many of our so called "balanced" lives and made us reconsider what is important.

Some threw out all normality, just living and taking each day as it comes
Whilst others sat down and embraced this new normal. 

A question I get asked regularly is  "how do I find Balance?" 

Balance is something you have to find everyday, 

Personally I take 10-15minutes every morning before I rush off into my day,
I sit down and go through what I have to do and whom I have to see.

This is my way of finding a bit of balance every day, 

Why not find a practice that gives you that balance

Balance also comes in forms of meals too - and here is a lovely meat free meal you can make in 15mins!