Measuring Waist


I had a few people coming to me, asking why they are not getting results or feeling frustrated that the results are slow. . . .

WELL...look in the mirror . . .

When you not getting the desired results go check....

1. ARE you really in a Caloric Deficit....?

2. IF you are...ARE you Getting sufficient protein...Min 1g per kg?

3. ARE you sticking to your plan 7 DAYS A WEEK...??

4. ARE you moving enough everyday?

5. ARE you Logging honestly...when you bite you log it...EVERTHING

6. IF NOT....READ AND CHECK QUESTION 1 again... . . .

We as coaches can only give you the information and tell you how to apply it...
It doesn't matter what plan you are following...

APPLYING the information given is up to you


 COMPLIANCE is also up to you. .

This is one of the reasons Why I suggest clients use MYFITNESSPAL as a tool to ensure you are actually in your caloric deficit.

HONEST and ACCURATE Logging along with sufficient protein per day is essential for your success.

TRUST ME...its not always easy!

I also sometimes struggle with this process, so every now and again I have to apply my own advice and refocus on my goals.

Sit down re-focus and re-structure and if you aren't sure of what and how, give me a hollar.